man my coworker offered to give me a ride and then she said i gotta pick up some dro right quick before, and she started rolling something up and went the wrong way so uh 40 minutes later im in her car waiting but i couldve already be almost at home by now 😔 that’s what i get for riding home with a delinquent and smoking her marijuana while she drives i could’ve been injured

my dreams have been too vivid but it’s kindve raw. apparently it’s rare to dream in color?(i call bullshit bc every single dream ive had has been in color) and i can feel sensations and pain, and i can smell and taste things. i was eating some chocolate chip pancakes and fried lasagna in dream land it was beautiful but im glad fried lasagna doesn’t exist

sometimes ill be like going through notes on here to find new blogs to follow but almost everything reminds me of why i don’t fuck with a lot of ppl in the first place. girls posting ass pics and the dudes who worship them are weak as hell and not in my interest… then some ppl just hella bitter/mean to everyone for no real reason besides to be edgy on the internet… then these social justice/pc blogs just give me a headache

i just wanna find some normal blog and some funny blogs to add to my dash and possibly someone to have a normal conversation with

but then again this site is just something i look at when im bored and/or on the toilet